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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns and operates Eureka Springs Hospital?

The City of Eureka Springs owns the hospital and operates it with a local staff and a seven-member hospital commisssion comprised of all local citizens who are passionate about the hospital.

Does the hospital offer inpatient care?

While we do not offer long-term inpatient care, we do keep patients for observation. We are proud to have a good relationship with larger medical facilities in the region, and we are prepared to send patients to facilities that meet their long-term inpatient care needs. 

Is your hospital stroke and trauma certified?

Yes! We are the only hospital in Carroll County certified for stroke and trauma. We also offer community education on stroke and trauma to ensure everyone knows what to do during one of those events.

What emergency services does the hospital offer?

Our emergency room is open 24/7/365, giving our community access to quality care and emergency services. 

What outpatient services does the hospital offer?

We offer outpatient radiology, laboratory, physical therapy, speech therapy and endoscopy procedures. We have an 80-slice CT scan, the best in the region. Our endoscopy procedures include colonoscopy and EGD. We have two physical therapy offices, one in Eureka Springs and one in Huntsville. 

How can I support Eureka Springs Hospital?

Thank you for supporting us! We always appreciate people sharing our posts on social media  and speaking kindly of our hospital online and in person. 

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